Sexcuse me

Mandy. Nineteen. Hungarian. Taken-ish. Boys are yum, girls are yum, but I'd rather have Evelyne Brochu.
Anonymous said: very sorry about your puppy *hug*

thanks, that’s very nice of you

i can’t believe she’s gone

i want to cry but i’m literally unable to shed tears anymore

my heart is sobbing, though

you mean so much, you gave me so much strength and happiness

at least you don’t feel the pain anymore

i will love you forever

rest in peace, my beautiful angel

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I’ll have what you’re having cause you look adorable! Aw, my poor sleepless peach. Come through my computer screen and let me snuggle you till you fall asleep! Insomnia sucks balls.

it was more about a junkie brother and me wanting to get shitfaced until i forget my name than insomnia. altho im insomniac anyways so its ok i guess (:

id love u to snuggle me can we pls

twistysisters replied to your photo:what’s a god to a non believer?

Your face is stunning. Unfair.

says the beauty queen

stop right there

a weekend spent getting hammered inhaling gas fumes and not sleeping at all really did my face some justice rite